About Us

Intense is an independent web design studio with a rich history. It started as a small family-owned business in Oakville, and has grown enough to successfully occupy two large buildings in two different cities.

Today Intense offers a full range of web design, app development and content marketing services, including building full-featured ecommerce websites and web startups with custom functionality.

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Website Design

A website is a medium that connects a person with the world of digital data. With its help users can access information, make purchases, communicate with each other, and do loads of other things.

Due to the clever marketing strategy and professional web designing, corporations can grow their client base with ease. On the modern market the competition is very tough, so in order to be a success, businesses experiment with multiple strategies with the goal of coming up with the perfect one.

Project details
Founder, Lead Developer Ronald Oswald
Lead Email ronald@demolink.org
Date of release 04/11/2019
Last update 04/23/2019
Project site https://path-to-project-site.com